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My interest for pursuing this line of work has consolidated after years of work followed by an MFA in Painting at Pratt Institute through a grant in 1999 from la Caixa Graduate Fellowship Program. I have exhibited my work in New York, London and Madrid. I currently live and work in Spain.


The planets in my Madrid studio are dense and sticky. A turbulence of mixed media on paper, canvas, resin and glass. Abstract mixtures, sometimes leathery oil, chemicals, organic matter. Stains, drips and scratches. Puddles of harmony and disorder. Streams of energy in search of a new dimension—3D perhaps?


On some planets magenta tones predominate, but this obeys no master plan. There are also islands of other colors. Everything twists and bursts in what I call a cosmos of organized chaos. In this stage of my work the circle has framed the subjects and designed their space, a space outside of time that has always been present in my creations.


As a mixed media artist I express motion and emotion through bold strokes, flowing stains and rhythmic splashes of color. Through these gestures, I construct and deconstruct form focusing on texture, luminosity and color interactions.


My process is spontaneous and intuitive. My interest in movement and dance has inspired me to focus on the concept of flow in my work. I aim to achieve a balance of tensions between positive and negative space, to express form through an economy of line, to expand the properties of various materials, and to explore the properties (or absence of) color.